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Health and Healing

It is important to pay attention to physical health when you stop using drugs and alcohol.

Here's why.  Drugs and alcohol deplete many of the important nutrients vital to good physical health.  Good physical health makes it easier to maintain abstinence from the drugs and alcohol.  

Focus on Physical Health is often ignored.

Ignoring physical health in recovery can lead to a greater risk of relapse.  That's how important physical health truly is!

Focus One Treatment includes the components of good physical health in its program.

These components include exercise, diet, sleep, vitamin and herb supplementation when appropriate and detoxification where necessary.

We are what we eat.  Almost everyone has heard this statement at one time or another.  In other words, if we eat healthy, nutritious foods it is more likely that we will enjoy a good quality of physical health. 

What is nutrition healthy food?  Are the foods you eat as healthy as you think they are?

Many individuals think they are eating healthy when they actually are not.

How much exercise does it take to promote good health?  And what kind?

It has also been said that without exercise a healthy diet alone is not enough to foster good physical health.

The majority of individuals experience some kind of sleep disturbance during the intial days after quitting.

Furthermore, we seem to be a nation of sleep deprived individuals.  Sleep disturbances are common in early recovery and compound this problem.

What can be done to remedy this problem?

When is it necessary to supplement with vitamin and herbs?  Which ones are especially important initially?

The B Vitamins are essentially stripped out of the body during alcohol consumption so it is vital to replace them as soon as possible.  This not only leads to greater physical health; they have a calming effect as well.

Additionally, the small intestines can't absorb nutrients while drinking alcohol.  Thus a good Multiple Vitamin can be very effective in contributing to greater physical health.

Drugs and alcohol adversely impact the Liver during use.  Therefore, the use of Dandelion Tea to clean out the Liver first followed by Milk Thistle to support and strengthen the Liver is a good choice during the early days of abstinence.

How important is detoxification?  Where do I begin?

Detoxification is important to promote good health and eliminate toxic wastes.

The need for detoxification is at its greatest after prolonged use of alcohol and drugs.  This includes prescription drugs.

The liver is responsible for eliminating all kinds of toxins from the body including toxins from the air we breathe to the toxins in the food we eat.  This is all in a day's work for the Liver.  However, it has to put in overtime hours when it is confronted with the job of eliminating the poisonous toxins from alcohol or drugs.  The Liver knows that part of its job description is to convert any poisonous substance that is introduced to the body into a non-poisonous substance so that it can pass through the body without killing the individual who consumes it.

The liver gets hurt when doing its job.  It becomes toxic while performing this task.

Your Liver may be in need of detoxification even when liver tests and blood work seem normal.

Getting healthy can be easy and taste great at the same time.