What I Am Feeling Now Is Exactly What I Choose To Be Feeling ©1991

Focus One defines addiction as: 

“The dependency upon something or someone
outside of oneself to feel good or at lease feel a little bit better.”

Even though addiction to drugs and alcohol can cause extreme problems,
Focus One does not view addiction to drugs and alcohol as the primary problem,
but rather as a manifestation of a need to feel better.

Addiction and dependency is not limited to drugs and alcohol.
There are millions of people who never drink alcohol or take drugs and yet are dependent upon something or someone outside of themselves to feel better.

Some of these individuals have engaged in behaviors and activities they are ashamed of because they  'want to fit in'.
Some ignore their values and morals to 'belong' to their group of choice.

There are more individuals than ever before who are unhappy with themselves or their lives.
These individuals are trying everything they can think of to feel better.
They turn to all kinds of people and things in their search
for some relief from the way they feel.

In their frenzied attempt to feel better, they rely on what they have been taught to make them feel better for a little while ---

their OTHER-DEPENDENT people and things.

Addiction is that which happens to individuals who are
in their attempts to feel good or at least a little bit better.